Give the extensions a rest

Well, at least for a little while.


When I think about which celebrities have the coolest, most current senses of style, some big-name stars come to mind, but not many.  The fact is, some celebs are styled while other celebs actually have style.  You know that feeling of boredom when nobody pushes the fashion envelope during awards season?  I'm getting the same feeling from hair lately...   Hair extensions have become the safety net of Hollywood.

Maybe I'm biased after recently going extension-free myself.  But now when I step out of the shower, spritz in some texturizing spray and go, I feel pretty embarrassed about all the time, money and energy I've wasted over the years on my hair extensions.  And the real irony is that all that effort was spent trying to make them look as natural as possible!

I urge you to take a cue from the likes of Kendall, Miranda, Alessandra and Olivia and take a minimalistic, chic approach to beauty this season.  After all, there's no waiting required when we decide we're ready for our hair extension safety nets to grow back.